AR and VR Mobile Apps

More About AR and VR Mobile Apps

Applord offers highly specialised services for developing both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) mobile apps and games.

These two mediums are growing quickly in popularity thanks to their ability to create a fully immersive experience for their user; creating an unforgettable digital interaction for them.

As the technology needed to fully enjoy AR and VR becomes more sophisticated and wide-spread, your audience is looking for new and exciting ways to interact with online and digital content.

VR and AR apps give them exactly what they are looking for, and if it comes from your mobile app, they will have your brand to thank for that.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality creates a fully immersive digital environment that your audience can explore using a headset.

It does this by offering them a fully interactive, digital interface where your creation comes to life at the centre of their vision; treating them to a 360 degree entertainment experience that they control and will never forget.

Practical Uses for VR

Gaming and entertainment

VR is most commonly used in the entertainment and videogames industries where virtual reality content heightens the engagement and interest of users, players and viewers.

Virtual Shows, Tours and Events

Take your clients through a virtual tour of your premises, sell online tickets to a virtual event or simply take your audience on a digital excursion.

Education and training

VR allows students to get hands-on experience without having to worry about the permanence of mistakes, allowing them to train with confidence while also getting invaluable experience.

Sales apps and catalogues

VR gives your clients and potential clients the ability to explore a virtual representative

Interactive Social Media

Think of the branding opportunities for your event when filming and broadcasting 360 degree live videos of what’s happening on the ground. This is but one example of how VR is being used right now for social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Branding

Virtual reality gives your audience the chance to interact with your brand or product in a way that is both exciting and informative. This not only keeps your brand in their thoughts, but also allows them to do business with you with more confidence.

Benefits of VR

  • Inject personality into your brand;
  • Create a lasting impression;
  • Help your clients visualise your product or service in their life;
  • As a new medium, your audience will be more receptive to messages broadcast in VR.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality uses sophisticated technology and development to merge the digital world with the real one.

It does this by overlaying digital media onto captures of the real world, so that the digital media augments the world around us in a fun, informative and interactive manner.

Practical Uses for AR

Put Your Brand in Your Audience’s  World

Augmented reality brings your brand into the real-world, making it a part of your audience’s daily life.

Mix Gamification and Marketing

By gamifying your marketing campaigns with augmented reality, your brand will stand out all the more against your competitors.

Create a Climate of Experiential Marketing

Turning a simple marketing message into an interactive experience, you are driving better user engagement and a better relationship with your audience.

AR Helps with Visualisation

Get your product or service into your users’ lives by allowing them to interact with it digitally, before opting for it in the real world.

Create Interactive Sales Apps

Use augmented reality in sales and catalogue apps to give your clients a clearer picture of what your product will look like when it is finally in their lives.

Benefits of AR

  • AR content can be viewed on commonly available devices, giving you a wider market-share;
  • AR content often goes viral on social media;
  • AR improves the overall quality of your content;
  • The interactivity of AR makes for better audience retention.

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