Modern Day Parenting and Mobile Apps
Uproar ensued in the UK last week when a particularly concerned mother and her young child had an unpleasant experience
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Rising Concerns About App Quality and Integrity
You may have come across our recent post entitled Modern Day Parenting and Mobile Apps where we detail the misconduct
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the rise of augmented reality (AR)
The Rise of Native AR Functionality
We are living in an exciting time where the science fiction fantasies of those who have wished for augmented reality
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Ionic Hybrid Apps: What are They and Why You Should Develop Them?
When creating apps for multiple platforms, developers face two distinct challenges. Firstly, the build needs to be adapted for each
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augmented reality
Industries that are Embracing Augmented Reality
Where the Virtual and Physical Worlds Meet Augmented Reality, also known as AR, dwelled silently in the shower of Virtual
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future of application development
The Future of Mobile Application Development
With the smartphone sales bang in the last recent years, as well as smartphones, becoming more affordable, the number of
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Android and iOS: Who Takes the Cake?
Comparing operating systems has been a past-time for software fanatics since home computing became a reality in the 90’s. As
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The Launch of iOS 11
In September of this year, Apple released their iOS 11 update which brought about a number of notable changes for
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Using VR and AR to market your brand
Technologically speaking, we live in exciting times. Media and gaming enthusiasts are finally realising the science fiction dream of engaging
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Using Apps to Gamify Marketing
Whether you love them, hate them or only play them to kill time, there is no denying the steady growth
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Gamifying your Marketing Campaign: What; Why and How?
Whether you once played an Atari or were born with a mobile game in your hand, there is no denying
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Virtual Reality and your Marketing Campaign
VR is a phenomenon that has been taking the entertainment and gaming industry by storm over the past few years,
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Using Augmented Reality to Reach your Consumers
We live in fairly exciting times, where tech-junkies can finally enjoy watching the science-fiction dream of the digital world merging
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Should your Business Build an App for Android or iOS?
Mobile marketing, especially in the form of apps that can be used to communicate effectively with your customers, has become
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benefits of mobile apps
Benefits of using mobile apps
There are ton of benefits when using Mobile Applications! Mobile devices and the functionality of those devices run a host
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Useful apps
Useful Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are playing a big role in our lives. Apps are very useful, easy to use and convenient one
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tips on app marketing
10 Great Tips For App Development In Small Businesses
Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming a dominating mode of communication and apps are now becoming an indispensable part of how
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summer time apps
Get your business an App for Summertime Marketing
The approach of summer means that there are a lot of exciting changes afoot, and many of these changes will
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Citizen Builders: Why you Can’t Bypass an App Developer
The importance of developing mobile apps in today’s competitive digital market has become all the more important in 2017. Mobile
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Industry Shaping Trends for Mobile Apps in 2017
It is estimated that some 2.1 billion people around the world own a mobile phone and engage with it daily,
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In-app advertising
Monetising Your Mobile App Through Advertising.
Firstly, and probably the easiest way to make money on your app is by allowing third parties to advertise on
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How Much Does An Uber Style App Cost?
Uber is probably one of the biggest apps in the world and is available in almost every country. It’s an
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Android O
Android O.
Apple often gets all the attention, but people forget that Android is still the biggest operating system in the world.
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new app
How Your Business Is Missing Out By Not Having An App
The rise of interactive media in the marketing domain has made it an important aspect of contemporary advertising. Many companies
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4 reasons your business needs an app
4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An App
We have all heard about how creating a mobile app can be advantageous for a business. However, not a lot
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why you need an app
The Biggest Advantages To Building Your Own App
With so many businesses, large and small, rushing to get their app on to the market, many entrepreneurs are asking
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history of apps
A Brief History On Apps
Mobile marketing managers and app developers often get their greatest ideas from the past. When developing new apps and app
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5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Business
Times have changed and it’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt with the latest technological advances. Noticeably, iPhone apps
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types of apps
The Two Most Common Types Of Apps
Native Apps A native app will “live” on the device and it will be accessed by clicking an icon on
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app design tips
App Design Tips
Mobile apps are fast becoming the preferred way for businesses to deliver content and information to their target audience, and
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