Mobile Application Development

Welcome to Applord

Applord is a software development company that specialises in mobile application and systems development.

From single user systems to enterprise sized projects.

The company provides a holistic service, assisting clients from conception all the way through to the application going live in-store. We use a wide array of languages to develop our mobile apps and systems, including C#, PHP, Java, Swift, Python, C, C++ and WebGL.

There is no limit to the type of application we can develop: we have experience in developing mobile games, business-to-consumer based apps as well as business-to-business systems and applications.

Marketing your application is of vital importance, which is why Applord offers various marketing plans. We have a number of different options, and we will guide you towards the most relevant model.

We assist in monetizing applications in variety of ways such as through Cost Per Download, user purchase, subscriptions, mobile banner advertisements and shopping carts.

We also offer hosting and server maintenance as well as application SEO services.


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